Air Fry Frozen Dumplings

Air fry frozen potstickers are great! It is easy to prepare frozen dumplings in the air fryer, and the results are excellent. You will get crispy dumplings on the outside, soft and perfectly cooked. Read this write-up to know more about air-fried frozen dumplings.

air fry frozen dumplings

Air Fry Frozen Dumplings

What Are Frozen Dumplings?

Frozen dumplings are something that everyone should have in the freezer. They make a great snack, appetizer, or quick meal. They are known as dumplings in general, but they have different names depending on where you live.

In the US, they are known as potstickers. The Polish and Italians call them pierogi. Japanese call them gyoza while the Philippines call them siomai. You can prepare frozen dumplings by steam frying, boiling, using a microwave, deep frying but air frying them beats them all.

Ingredients For Making Air Fryer Frozen Dumplings

Frozen dumplings- The air fryer method is suitable for pre-cooked and frozen dumplings. So, you can use an air fryer to prepare any brand of dumplings, potstickers, or gyoza that you like. However, you need to note that each brand may cook differently, so cook them by brand.

Oil spray– you can either use olive or avocado oil spray. Avocado oil is much better to use in the air fryer since it has a high smoking point, so you don’t have to worry about dumplings burning.

Dipping sauce– you can have your frozen dumplings with soy sauce, plum sauce, and gyoza sauce.

Fork-but it is optional.

Preparing Air Fryer Frozen Dumplings

  1. First, remove your dumplings from their outer packaging.
  2. Preheat the air fryer to 3500 F (1800C) for at least 4 minutes.
  3. Put the frozen dumplings in a single layer in a way that they don’t overlap or get stacked in the air fryer basket. They need some space to cook.
  4. Spray the frozen dumplings with oil. This is what leads to crispy skins. Remember, if you don’t add enough oil, the wrappers will be dry, tough, and white. Ideally, you want to ensure the outside of your dumplings stays nice and crispy golden while the insides are perfectly cooked.
  5. Air-fry your dumplings for three minutes at 3500 F (1800C). If they appear dry, spray them with some more oil.
  6. Then, flip the dumplings and air fry for another 3 minutes under the same temperature.
  7. Once the skins are golden brown, take them out of the basket and let them cool for 2 minutes before serving.
  8. Then, serve your dumplings hot with your favorite dipping sauce.

Tips For The Best Air Fryer Dumplings

To achieve the best of your frozen dumplings, you will need to do the following:

  • Avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket. Air fryers cook food by producing and circulating hot air in the basket. So, lack of enough space means that the food won’t cook well.
  • Preheat your air fryer to shorten the cooking time.
  • Ensure you cook the dumplings frozen. They don’t need to be thawed.
  • The cooking time is based on the type of dumpling wrapper, brand, size, filling, and intensity of your air fryer.
  • Be sure to monitor the dumplings while cooking.
  • Remember always spray the dumplings with oil to get brown and crispy skin. This is because the oil keeps the dumplings moist, and without it, they will be tough and dry.
  • Air fryers are different. So, when cooking frozen dumplings for the first time, use 1 or 2 pieces to test the oven. Once you have mastered the temperature and duration required, cook the rest.
  • Remember to set a timer to flip the dumplings after 3 minutes.

Storing Dumplings

You can use an airtight container/bag to store dumplings leftovers in the fridge for up to four days; however, they are best eaten immediately.

To reheat the dumplings, you can place them in the air fryer or use a little oil to pan-heat them. Alternatively, you can reheat them using the microwave.

The nutritional value of dumplings depends on the brand and type of dumpling used. So, ensure you refer to the packaging to learn about the nutritional value of the dumplings.



As you can see, making air fryer frozen dumplings is the simplest method to make potsticker. Frozen dumplings are readily available in your local grocery stores, so choose the brand you like and air fry them following these steps.

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