Best Seasoning for Ribeye Steak

If you are a fan of well-seasoned Ribeye steak, then learning the tricks needed to make it will be greatly helpful. While getting the best seasoning for Ribeye Steak is essential, you also need to consider other factors. These include how to properly cook it and what types of seasonings should be used on this particular cut.

Ribeye steak is a muscle located at the top part of the rib cage. It is an extremely popular steak because of its flavor, especially if it’s well seasoned or marinated first before being grilled.

However, one would have to consider different things, including how well the spices can actually cook without burning the meat.

Best Seasoning for Ribeye Steak:

What seasonings are best for Ribeye Steak?

While you may think of Ribeye as just a regular steak, Ribeye steak has unique features, unlike any others. This is mainly due to the fact that it comes in various sizes and cuts depending on the preference of the person eating it.

For those who prefer to eat Ribeye in its whole form, it can come in either large size or small ones, depending on where you purchase it.

Aside from the size, one could choose between several different Ribeye cuts like New York Strip, sirloin butt, tenderloin, and prime rib.

When preparing Ribeye steak, it is important to take note that the smaller ones are best prepared when they are trimmed off, while the larger ones are ideal for grilling after trimming off excess fat and meat.

Once done, Ribeye steaks should always be served immediately so that they won’t dry out too much. So, what are the best seasonings for Ribeye steak? Let’s find out;

Ingredients for Seasoning Ribeye steaks

  • Black pepper powder
  • Onion powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Basil
  • Chili Powder
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Tips to Cooking Ribeye Steaks

  • Always use high-quality olive oil regardless of whether you purchase the steaks directly from stores or at the supermarkets.
  • Never cook Ribeye steak over direct heat; always turn down the heat and grill it slowly instead. If you want to prepare it right, you have to grill it slowly and allow for proper charring.

Steps to Cook Ribeye Steak

Cooking Ribeye steak is easier than cooking any other type of steak, which makes it the number one choice for many barbecue lovers.

Whether you’re looking forward to enjoying a nice Ribeye steak with family or friends or you would rather serve them yourself at home, below are steps that you can follow;

Step 1

Prepare your Ribeye steaks. Begin by cutting your Ribeye steaks into pieces of equal length. Ensure that they are cut thick enough to be cooked evenly.

Step 2

Next, place them onto a cutting board and remove the excess fat. Pat them dry with paper towels so they won’t become greasy after being handled. It’s better if you leave the bones intact and put the Ribeye together once they have been sliced.

Step 3

Generously season them with salt, black pepper, and fresh herbs. For seasoning purposes, garlic powders, onion powders, chili powder, oregano, and thyme are recommended.

The most important thing about this step is ensuring that you season them well enough before putting them in the oven. Make sure that they are seasoned thoroughly because improper seasoning means that they will end up tasting bland.

Step 4

Heat your cast-iron skillet until very hot, for about one to two minutes. Then add some olive oil to its surface. Allow the pan to get hot again; it should be ready once it starts smoking lightly.

You can use a large piece of aluminum foil as a shield to avoid getting burned while grilling a Ribeye steak.

Step 5

Carefully transfer the Ribeye steaks into the cast iron pan and cook them. Ensure to flip every 2-3 minutes until the exterior forms a golden-brown crust.

As soon as it turns dark, push the steak to the side of the skillet, add butter and your seasonings, tilt the skillet towards their side, and cook until butter begins to foam.

This should take a minimum of 30 seconds to 1 minute. Spoon the mixture over both sides of the meat and let it stand until the steaks fully absorb the flavors and juices.

Once done, flip them back on top of the skillet and squeeze lemon juice over them. Garnish them with parsley and serve as desired.


Getting a Ribeye steak ready is easy as long as you follow these simple steps. When it comes to cooking Ribeye, one wrong move can make things go terribly sour.

Once you get the best seasoning for Ribeye steak, you can prepare an insanely delicious steak at the comfort of your home. Just be keen to follow the procedure we have provided.

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