Best Seasoning for Ribs

Ribs are one of the most common cuts of meat. They are often served with a sauce, like a barbecue or a steak sauce, and can be paired with other foods such as beans, cornbread, or coleslaw. The best seasoning for ribs depends on what kind of ribs you’re cooking. Sweet-and-spicy rubs work well when cooking spare ribs, while dry rubs go better with baby back ribs. Nevertheless, dry rub is the method that goes well on all rib types.

The first step in preparing ribs is to choose which type of rib you want to cook. Spareribs have a flat bone that runs along the length of the rack, whereas baby backs have an upright bone that runs from the base of the rib cage up through the loin area. Baby backs also tend to be thicker than spareribs. Once you’ve decided on the cut of ribs you want to use make great ribs seasoning.

Best Seasoning for Ribs:

Which Spices to Best Season Ribs?

For the perfect results, be selective on the choices of seasonings to put on ribs. Try out any combination of seasoning from our list below;

Chili powder

This seasoning gives ribs their characteristic flavor, making them very popular among consumers. It has an earthy, spicy flavor that complements the taste of meat.

Sesame seeds

These tiny seeds add an interesting crunchiness to any dish. Besides being delicious, they give ribs extra spice benefits, including protection against cancer.


Because sugar draws moisture out of food, it helps tenderize meats and make them moist. And because water tends to break down cell walls, adding sugar helps tenderizers get deep into the muscle fibers of the meat.


Although vinegar goes great with many ingredients, it works particularly well with sweet flavors, making it ideal for ribs. It goes a long way in tenderizing the ribs and balancing the sweet flavor giving out a unique kick.


Adding this ingredient enhances a variety of savory dishes by increasing the natural sweetness of other tastes. When used correctly, it complements some of the more intense flavors found in ribs, such as those made with barbecue sauces and other spices.


Like salt, paprika adds flavor without putting too much sodium in your mouth. Plus, it can help to keep the marinating process going longer when applied to raw meats. Use red bell peppers if you like a sweeter taste.


Like honey, mustard brings sweet notes to food and keeps things from drying out quickly. It can give baked goods a nice kick too. Try it on ribs, especially baby backs, to enhance the overall flavor.

Celery seed

This spice produces a milder flavor than celery itself, so use it selectively. However, just buy smoked celery sticks instead if you don’t want to add celery seeds. You can find smoked celery at grocery stores, usually near the pickles aisle.

Ground cumin

Cumin is one of the most versatile spices available. You can use ground cumin on everything from soups to curries. Its flavor gives it a distinct aroma and flavor.

Barbecue sauce

One of the best ways to intensify the flavor of ribs is to coat them with barbecue sauce, then broil or grill them until sizzling hot.

Chili sauce

Another way to give ribs a delicious hot taste is via a quick dip in your favorite chili sauce. Some people recommend eating chili-flavored ribs since it is healthy for your gut.

How to Properly Season Ribs

The best seasoning method for ribs is a dry rub since it ensures an even distribution of flavor throughout each chop. Rub the seasonings directly onto one side of the rib, and then turn the rib over, pressing firmly to ensure seasoning gets distributed evenly. Follow the steps below for satisfying results.

Ribs seasoning Steps

Step 1

Mix all your seasoning ingredients, i.e., paprika, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, kosher salt, black pepper, etc.

Step 2

Rub each side of the ribs with half the mixture.

Step 3

Once finished, place on a foil-lined baking sheet & place in an oven set to 400 degrees F and let it cook until it’s properly done.

Step 4

Remove and allow the ribs to rest for 5 minutes. Slick with BBQ sauce, then serve as desired.

Note – It’s important to always put the rub under the broiler for 10 minutes to let the sugar caramelize before proceeding. The flavor develops better this way, plus the sugar caramelizes to create a delicious coating for these tasty treats.


Well-prepared ribs are a great treat for any occasion. From picnics with friends and family to company dinners, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy them. While it can be easy to prepare these delicious chops, it all begins with getting the best seasoning for ribs. For the best taste, try the tips above and have happy cooking.

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