Bushwacker Cocktail Ingredients

Bushwacker cocktail is a creamy and boozy frozen cocktail that hails from the U.S Virgin Islands. It’s basically a frozen, alcoholic adult milkshake loved for its fantastic profile and filling nature. This drink is a favorite at beach bars in Alabama and is made with a blend of cream of coconut, rum, and Kahlua. To prepare a Bushwacker, simply add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until well combined.

bushwacker cocktail ingredients

Bushwacker Cocktail Ingredients

Is Bushwacker a cocktail or a Milkshake?

It’s both a milkshake and a cocktail with different variations of ingredients but Kahlua and rum as the basics. Some bars will mix things with vodka, but most recipes contain ice cream, crème de cacao, Irish crème, etc. Additionally, different Bushwacker bars serve the drinks differently; some are a bit thick and spoonable, while others are runny and shippable. Generally, there are as many variations of presentations of bushwackers as there are many bars and creative minds to mix this drink.

What is in Bushwacker?

Bushwacker is a cocktail mix of different classic ingredients blended to perfection. The ingredients in a Bushwacker cocktail include aged rum, Kahlua, crème de cacao, crème of coconut, ice cream, milk, and ice. Some recipes have more ingredients while others have fewer. See below for more information on these basic ingredients.

Crème de cacao

Contrary to what the name may suggest, crème de cacao is neither creamy nor contains dairy. It’s a unique chocolate liqueur available in clear (white) and dark variations. It’s probably among the first ancient alcoholic beverages produced by monks in the 1600s after cocoa beans resumed their import from America to Europe.

Though the dark version of crème de cacao was used in the original Bushwacker, the common one used today is the clear one. And while white crème de cacao has a milk chocolate taste with a vanilla flavor, the dark version has a richer taste with a darker chocolate profile. It’s an excellent addition to dessert drinks like the Bushwacker.

Crème of coconut

It’s important that you do not mistake coconut cream for the cream of coconut. Why? Because the two are different. Cream of coconut is a sweetened form of coconut cream made as a syrup for drinks. For its use, it is sold in handy squeeze bottles.

On the other hand, coconut cream is unsweetened and has a thick consistency with a strong coconut flavor. Generally, it’s a skimmed top layer of chilled coconut milk stored and sold in cans in the same section as coconut milk.

All the same, if you don’t have creme of coconut at hand, you can still make your Bushwacker cocktail drink. Just use coconut milk along with simple syrup or sugar by adding equal portions of each. For instance, if your recipe requires 2 ounces of cream of coconut, use 1 ounce of the syrup and the coconut cream.


Kahlua is one of the most popular and people’s favorite coffee liqueurs. It’s of Mexican origin and is made by mixing coffee, rum, and sugar. Kahlua is dark brown and tastes like sweetened coffee. And though it contains caffeine, it contains much less than coffee. A cup of Kahlua contains 1/4 the amount of caffeine a cup of coffee does.

Important Tip to Note

Once you have the ideal liquors, creating a delicious Bushwacker is a breeze; here are a few tips for you

  • Though aged rum has a richer flavor with deep notes of vanilla and oak, you can still use any type you have at hand.
  • Any type of milk is okay for the Bushwacker; anything from 2% to whole.
  • It’s normal for the drink to separate during consumption. Just stir a little with your drinking straw and keep drinking.
  • For a fruitier cocktail try out this Tito’s punch recipe.
  • For a classier drink try our apple martini.

Mixing Bushwacker’s Cocktail Ingredients

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes

Servings: 2


  • Two ounces of aged rum
  • Two ounces of Kahlua
  • Two ounces Crème de cacao
  • one ounce of milk
  • one ounce of cream (or substitute with ice cream)
  • Two ounces cream of coconut
  • Three cups of ice

Mixing Instructions

1.       Add all the ingredients to a blender and process to a smooth consistency.

2.       You can garnish with grated nutmeg or shaved chocolate. Serve with or without straws.

Nutritional Information

·         Calories: 346 kcal

·         Fat: 43 grams

·         Saturated fat: 37 grams

·         Cholesterol: 76 milligrams

·         Sodium: 287 milligrams

·         Carbohydrates: 70 grams

·         Fiber: 7 grams

·         Sugars: 58 grams

·         Protein: 7 grams

·         Calcium: 132 milligrams

·         Iron: 1 milligram

·         Potassium: 461 milligrams

·         Vitamin C: 0 milligram


Bushwacker Cocktail ingredients are easy to mix for that tantalizing drink that will give you some cool vibes. It’s simply a frozen cocktail with a creamy and chocolaty profile ideal for all-time refreshment. Whether it’s a by-the-poolside drink or a dessert, mix the ingredients as in our instructions keenly.