Can You Deep Fry with Olive Oil?

Olive is among the healthiest oils on earth. Though it’s more expensive than most oils, it is mostly preferred because it delivers lots of health and nutritional benefits while still bringing out the flavors of your dish.

Unfortunately, most people live under the impression that the oil cannot be used for deep frying. This is because of the myth that olive oil has a low smoke point and its flavors can be altered at high temperatures. In reality, olive oil is a flavorful and versatile option for deep frying.

Can You Deep Fry with Olive Oil?

Can You Deep Fry with Olive Oil?

Debunking the smoke point myth

Different oils break down at different temperatures, usually considered to as the smoke point. It’s a widely known misconception that olive oil has a low smoke point and, therefore not ideal for deep frying. However, the required temperatures for deep frying range from 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit and olive oil has a recommendable smoke point of 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Generally, the higher the oil quality and the fresher it is, the higher the smoke point. Deep frying indeed calls for one to use oils with high smoke points, but as we’ve seen, the smoke point of olive oil is way above the recommended range and, therefore, not critical as most believe. The rule of thumb to follow is to ensure that the oil is fresh and high-quality and that you deep fry in the right temperature range.

So, olive oil is the ideal option if you want to prepare deep-fried foods in the healthiest way.

Why Use Olive Oil for Deep Frying

There are many reasons why one should use olive oil for deep frying. The oil will not only bring out the best flavor in your food but also will be the best if you are health conscious. Below are the benefits of using olive oil.

  1. Olive oil withstands high temperatures heated and is known for giving all foods a rich and delicious flavor.
  2. It’s the healthiest oil used for deep frying and contains healthy monounsaturated fats for general healthy consumption.
  3. It contains large amounts of antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Olive oil has health benefits like lowering blood pressure, preventing strokes, managing diabetes, fighting heart diseases, and aiding weight loss.

Deep Fried Recipes for Using Olive Oil

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of deep frying with olive oil, you might be wondering what you should fry first. Most people have ideas about most olive oil recipes one can whip up, but when it comes to deep frying, where should one start? There are no limits when it comes to deep frying with olive oil

  1. You can use olive oil to deep fry Brussels sprouts. For the best outcome, mix with caramelized onions and garlic and enjoy.
  2. Another famous dish worldwide that one can deep fry with olive oil is French Fries. Using olive oil to deep fry French fries makes for a great pairing with various recipes. Whether you serve them with a main course dish or as a snack, you won’t regret preparing olive oil French fries.
  3. Deep fry your chicken with olive oil for tasty results

Generally, there is no limit to what you can deep fry with olive oil. Just use it on any of your recipes that call for deep frying.

Tips for Deep Frying with Olive oil

Now that you know that olive oil is excellent for deep frying and are familiar with its health benefits, here are the tips you can use when deep frying with it

  1. Use fresh olive oil as it has a higher smoke point. Having a high smoke point means it can withstand high heat and make your culinary adventure enjoyable. As you purchase your olive oil, go for the freshest from high-quality manufacturers.
  2. Take your culinary skills to greater heights by using flavored olive oil, which adds depth to your dishes. Though unflavored olive oil will still give your food a flavor that hits the spot well, punching your deep fries with oil infused with a flavor such as basil or red chili peppers hits differently.
  3. Avoid reusing olive oil when deep frying. Heating oil above its smoke point will not only smoke your kitchen and cause a bitter flavor to your food but it’s also believed to trigger a chemical reaction that could be carcinogenic. And although oil smoking doesn’t pose any risks, the real risks result from reusing cooking oil. So, to avoid the risks, only use the batch of olive oil once when deep frying.


Since you now know that you can use olive oil for deep frying, you don’t need to include fried foods on your no-go list. Instead, deep fry your foods with olive oil as a healthier option. You will not only enjoy rich, delicious flavors but also take care of your health and have a variety of your favorite recipes to pair with your fried foods.