Can You Eat Mountain Lion Meat? Should You? (2023)

Mountain lions such as cougars, pumas, or panthers are fearsome feline predators but have you ever wondered if they can also be prey? Can you eat mountain lion meat?

Can you eat mountain lion meat?

Yes, you can. Mountain lion meat is not toxic and it is eaten by humans. It is not easy to source and so is only really eaten for novelty purposes. Mountain lion is not a staple of any cuisine

What Does Mountain Lion Meat Taste Like?

Mountain Lion meat tastes similar to pork. It is a sweet tasting meat with a mild flavor. Surprisingly for a predator, the meat is not to tough and is quite enjoyable to consume.

The Legality of Eating Mountain Lion in the USA.

Eating mountain lion meat is perfectly legal here in the USA however it is illegal to sell lion meat of any sort. This makes it hard to source from a reputable source without leaving the country.

Where to Get Mountain Lion Meat?

It is impractical to farm mountain lions because they demand so much food in order for them to reach maturity. It would not make any sense for a farmer as he would have to provide the lions with 10lbs of meat to eat for every 1lb of mountain lion meat he could harvest. To get mountain lion meat you need to go through licensed game processors or from hunters who have legally hunted the animal

Mountain Lion Recipe

You can substitute mountain lion into any recipe that includes pork and it will work well. The video below gives an example of this.


Mountain lion meat offers a unique and flavorful dining experience for adventurous eaters. With its sweet flavor and tender texture, mountain lion meat is a delicious and satisfying option for those looking to try something new. However, finding and purchasing mountain lion meat safely and responsibly is difficult, especially in the USA.