Dietz and Watson vs Boars Head – Which is Better?

Dietz and Watson and Boars Head are both premium deli meat and cheese brands. Both brands have diehard fans committed to one brand being a better option than the other. This article will give a non-biased opinion on the matter and discuss why one would prefer either brand.

Similarities Between Dietz and Watson and Boars Head.

Both Dietz and Watson and Boars Head are well-regarded deli meat brands known for their high-quality deli meats, cheeses, and condiments. Both brands were started in the early 1900s and as traditional brands, they source their meats from farmers that raise their animals without antibiotics or hormones. Both brands are widely available in stores across the USA.

Price Comparison

Dietz and Watson deli meats range from $14-$35 per lb. Boars Head meats range from $17-$40 per lb. So while both are on the premium end D&W meats are slightly cheaper overall. Boars Head also have rolling promotions that make certain meats cheaper each week so you can sometimes find a good deal if you are flexible enough to go for whichever one is on offer.

Taste Comparison

Taste is subjective but by asking around and looking on forums we have found a consensus. The general consensus is that both types of meat are really tasty but that Boars Head is slightly better. Customers have noted that BH is of higher quality and has more flavors to choose from. Another noted that if D&W was slightly cheaper and the price difference was more relevant they would go with D&W, but as the prices are so similar and they marginally prefer BH they always buy BH.


Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, and both Dietz and Watson and Boar’s Head are excellent options for premium deli meats. However, based on popular opinion Boar’s Head is the slightly better option.