How to Cook Dino Nuggets in the Air Fryer

In this article, we will show you how to cook Dino nuggets in the air fryer. This snack is great for breakfast, especially for the kids, and comes in various sizes and shapes, making them an easy choice for picky eaters. When you cook them in the air fryer, it makes them crisp up perfectly.

How to Cook Dino Nuggets in the Air Fryer

How to Cook Dino Nuggets in the Air Fryer

Prep Time5 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Breakfast, Side Dish


  • Air Fryer: this is the kitchen gadget you will use to fry your dino nuggets.
  • Kitchen tongs: You will require kitchen tongs to turn your nuggets in the air fryer.


  • Dino Nuggets:  Dinosaur comes in a variety of brands. It's all about your choice, but any brand will do. 
  • Oil:  Have an extra virgin olive oil spray. You can use your old bottles to create one for this.  You will use the bottle to spray on the top of the nuggets while air frying them.


  • Load: place your frozen dinosaur into the air fryer basket. The air fryer should be at 400 degrees.
  • Cook: Air fries your dino nuggets for eight minutes and then turn them over to have them evenly cooked.
    Air fryer nuggets take less time than making them in an oven and are better than reheating in the microwave.
  • Spray: Spray extra virgin olive oil. It will make your nuggets crispy like deep fat fryer but without high-fat content.
  • Cook: Depending on how crispy you would like your nuggets to be, air fry them for a final two minutes.
  • Remove from the air fryer: They are ready, and you can serve with sauces or your favorite side dish.

Dino Nuggets Brands

Dino nuggets serve you with a variety of brands. Here are the best brands to choose your favorite dino nuggets if you want to have a taste of other chefs:

Wellshire Chicken Dino Bites Nuggets 

Wellshire chicken dino bites nuggets are soy-free, certified gluten-free, and all-natural for a quick and healthy meal.

Perdue Dino Nuggets

Perdue dino nuggets are made from whole white chicken meat from chicken raised in the United States. They are well-seasoned and coated with crispy breading for a tastier meal. Cooked in an air fryer, they are more delicious and crispy.

Tyson Dino Nuggets

Tyson dino nuggets provide you with packed healthy chicken nugget pieces. Their chickens use whole grain bread. They are raised without antibiotics. Therefore they are better and more natural for you and your kids. It’s one of the best brand options.  

Yummy dino nuggets 

Yummy dino nuggets are full of nutrients and have a good taste, which is great for kids. These original dinosaur-shaped nuggets are made without artificial flavors, making them perfect and fun-filled for your family.

Kirkwood Dino Nuggets 

Kirkwood dino nuggets provide you with one of the best chicken nuggets packs. The dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are made using white chicken rib meat. The chicken is raised without any added hormones, making them healthy for you and your kids.

Why is Air Fryer the Best Method for Cooking Dino Nuggets.?

There are several alternatives for cooking dino nuggets. The air fryer is one of them. You can also cook them in the microwave, oven, or deep fryer. However, an air fryer is the best method compared to the rest for the following reasons.

It’s time-saving: air fryer use gets your dino nuggets ready within ten minutes. An oven may give you exact results with an air fryer but may take a longer time. Oven cooks at a higher temperature with extra 2- 3 minutes. 

It crisps up nicely: the air fryer gives you no more soggy nuggets, unlike in the microwave. 

No additional calories: most brands of frozen nuggets are already cooked, which means they have already been deep-fried. Therefore using the deep-fry method means extra calories, unlike an air fryer which adds no more oil in the nuggets. 

Final Thoughts

Dino nuggets are an enjoyable and fun-filled snack for your kids. The best method for cooking them is by use of air fryer. It’s fast hence time-saving and makes them crispier.

In case you don’t know to cook dino nuggets in the air fryer, we have provided you with a simple guide that you can follow.

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Image Credits: Wall Street Journal.