King Arthur Pancake Recipe

Are you looking for the best pancake recipe for diner pancakes? Look, no more King Arthur pancake recipe has got you covered. The recipe tips give you diner-style pancakes. The pancakes are thick but so tender with diner flavor. 

Diner pancakes are amongst the highly-regarded pancakes. Here is a King Arthur pancake recipe that you can follow. The unique ingredients make the pancakes practically perfect. The recipe is simple and friendly.   

Required Ingredients 

  • Two eggs
  • One and a quarter cups of milk ( 283g)
  • 3 tbsp liquefied butter or vegetable oil
  • 1 ½  cups flour (King Arthur Unbleached All-purpose Flour)
  • Three quarter teaspoon salt
  • Two teaspoon baking powder
  • Two tablespoons 25g granulated sugar or quarter cup ( 35g) malted milk powder


If you’re baking under scorching, tropical conditions, or if you’re going to leave the butter for more than 15 minutes, use one cup of milk. In cold/normal environments, use one and 1 ¼ cups of milk.

Steps and Instructions 

  1. Mix the milk and eggs until light and foamy. The texture of the pancakes depends on how much air is incorporated into the eggs. Using a stand or hand mixer, lash the egg and milk at high speed for about 3 minutes. Add the butter or vegetable oil and mix well. 
  2. Whisk the dry ingredients together to ensure the salt, baking powder, and sweetener are properly distributed. Use malt as a sweetener instead of sugar; it works wonders and gives your pancake that diner taste.  
  3. Mix the milk and egg mixture gently and quickly. Let the batter rest for about 15 minutes while the grill is reheating. The batter will slightly thicken, making the pancake tenderer. 
  4. If you’re using an electric griddle pan, set it to 375 degrees or if you’re using a frying pan, heat it over medium heat. You know the pan or griddle is ready when a droplet of water skitters across the surface, dispersing instantly.
  5. Lightly grease the griddle and drop a quarter cupful of batter on it. Bake on one side until bubbles start developing. Break for about two minutes, flip the pancake and cook the other side until it turns brown about 11/2 to 2 minutes. Flip only once and serve immediately.

Mistakes to Avoid 

Pancakes are best when they are fluffy. And the secret behind making lighter pancakes is effortless. Avoid the most common pancake mistake.

  • Over-mixing pancake batter– for a perfect fluffy pancake, make a few wrist turns. Over-stirring your batter might result in hard, flat pancakes that would otherwise be lofty and soft.

Mixing your batter too much will result in the following:

  1. Developing gluten. Over-mixing develops glutens. They are formed when liquid is added to flour, and it’s stirred. They form as soon as the liquid is added to dry ingredients and develop by every bowl turn. 

If you want cushion-soft pancakes, gluten is not your friend. 

  1. Deflating your batter. Vigorously stirring your batter can deflate air bubbles. Stir lightly to uphold as much air in the batter as possible, for you have soft pancakes. 

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Can I make waffles out of King Arthur flour?

I wouldn’t recommend it. When you make waffles you want crispy edges. King Arthur flour is better for making a batter that creates soft fluffy diner-style pancakes. To make waffles out of pancake mix I suggest Krusteaz pancake mix.

Will this King Arthur pancake recipe make Diner style pancakes or will they be more like crepes?

These pancakes will be thick American Diner styled. We use Malt in the King Arthur pancake recipe. Malt sweetens the pancakes and gives them that diner flavor. 

If you want a crepe recipe try this.

Bottom Line

Have you ever thought of using malt instead of sugar in your pancakes? If not yet, try it with the King Arthur pancake recipe. Malt is what sweetens the pancakes and gives them that diner flavor. 

 The recipe provides you with straightforward steps that are friendly to all users, including beginners.    

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