Liquid Marijuanas Drink Shot Recipe

If you are a fan of fruity cocktails, Liquid Marijuana Shot should be next in your rotation. This fruity drink offers a combination of pineapple juice, blue curacao, coconut rum, and other favorite ingredients of your choice. And don’t be mistaken by its druggy name; the drink contains no illegal or dangerous drugs. In this article, we will look at this unique beverage, Liquid Marijuanas Drink Shot Recipe.

Liquid Marijuana shot earns the name from its rich-green color and how relaxing it makes one feel. This cocktail creates great vibes making it ideal for parties, get-togethers, BBQs, and just about any occasion that requires a relaxed ambiance. The taste is strong yet smooth, with no harsh aftertaste lingering behind, leaving you wanting more at every sip.

Liquid Marijuanas Drink Shot Recipe:

Liquid Marijuanas Drink Shot Ingredients

1 cup Pineapple Juice- This plays a massive role in creating the right flavor because it adds a refreshing citrus element while enhancing the overall quality of the drink.

We recommend using 100% pineapple juice instead of adding sugar since there is already a natural sweetness provided by pineapple.

2 teaspoons Blue Curacao – This sweet liquor helps compliment the tropical fruit flavor profile found in pineapple juice. It also provides some medicinal benefits such as reducing pain and inflammation, improving digestion, and boosting energy levels.

For best results, we recommend purchasing real blue curacao since it has an intense sweetening flavor that contrasts with the tartness of fresh pineapple juice.

1/4 cup Coconut Rum – You can substitute regular white rum, but opt for coconut rum instead if you’re looking for something genuinely different. It’s sweeter, smoother, and gives off a subtle vanilla aroma. Coconut rum mixed here is perfect for those who want a mellower, tropical vibe.

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters These bitters provide a unique tangy flavor that compliments sweet fruits perfectly. They add a complex layer of flavors to the mix without overpowering the rest of the flavors.

In fact, their mildness allows them to stand out amongst all the other flavors found in the drink.

Liquid Marijuana Optional Ingredients

You may choose to include different fruits, juices, or even liquors to create your own unique flavor profile. Feel free to experiment with these optional additions depending on what type of tastes you prefer.

1 slice fresh ripe mango- This fruit works wonderfully with the pineapple theme, so you could easily swap out the latter for this delicious tropical fruit.

Mangos contain significant amounts of vitamin C, making them beneficial for both your body and mind.

It also aids in the digestion process, keeps the liver healthy, and promotes the production of red blood cells.

For best results, cut the mango into bite-size pieces and process in a food processor or use mango juice instead.

2 stalks of celery- Celery serves as an effect to give the drink a nice creamy texture without feeling too heavy. The slightly bitter flavor also complements the sweet fruity flavor of pineapple juice, thereby leaving you with a refreshing drink loaded with vitamins and minerals.

For best results, chop up two medium-sized stalks of celery into small cubes and blend to mix with the other ingredients. You may also use the leaves, which are known to help boost the appetite.

1 orange- The orange provides a delicious fresh taste that compliments any dessert. Since oranges are rich in Vitamin C, they not only play a significant role in keeping your immune system healthy, but they can also fight off colds.

On top of that, it offers anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for relieving arthritis and sinus-related ailments.

Lastly, oranges are naturally sweet, and therefore, when adding them, you end up having a drink with a natural sweetness source that won’t leave you thirsty.

Liquid Marijuana Preparation Steps

1. Fill your cocktail shaker halfway with ice.

2. Combine all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker

3. Fill the remainder of the shaker with crushed ice. Shake vigorously until the drink is chilled

4. Strain the chilled cocktail into a shot glass.

5. Garnish with a lime wedge or other accompaniment of your choice and enjoy

Note: Ice adds a cooling sensation and provides an excellent delivery mechanism to help distribute the beverage throughout the body.

However, if you’re looking to achieve maximum chill effect in your drink, then try placing an ice cube in the middle of the glass and pouring the drink around it to cool down the surrounding air.


Getting creative with the liquid marijuanas drink shot recipe is fun yet simple. All you really need to do is follow a few easy guidelines and get this cocktail in your desired style.

Remember the first group of ingredients is essential, and you can add any other optional ingredient that meets your taste.

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