What can I use Instead of Wax Discs for Jam? – The Jam Makers Dilema (2023)

Wax discs have long been a go-to solution for sealing jars of homemade jam. However, they are not something that can always be obtained easily. Many jam makers are now searching for alternatives that are both effective and easy to use.

If you are looking for ways to preserve the fruity goodness of your preserve, look no further.

The Homemade Solution

You can make a homemade jam jar cover from greaseproof paper and cling film.

1. Take a jar full of homemade jam
2. Cut a small circle of paper that thoroughly covers the jam jar.
3. Dampen the paper with the preservative you use in the jam.
4. Lay the paper on top of the jam jar.
5. Cover it with a layer of cling film to stop air from getting in
6. I like to use 2 layers of cling film so the jar is almost airtight
7. Place a rubber band around the neck of the jar to hold all 3 layers tight.

This method may not be quite as secure as a layer of wax but it uses materials you should always have in your kitchen. I have been using this method for years and never have any trouble with my jam spoiling

The Storebought Solution

You can buy cellophane jam jar covers and jam jar lids from both Lakeland and Amazon.

Be careful when buying lids and you need to buy the right size for your jars as they cannot be modified like pieces of grease-proof paper can.

You also need to watch out that your jars are sealed airtight, a loosely fitting lid is no replacement for a properly sealed wax and cellophane combo.

Canning lids

You can also buy canning lids from Amazon. Some people like these a lot as you can guarantee they are airtight using the method shown in the video below. I am not the biggest fan, due to their modern appearance. I prefer my finished jam jars to look and feel traditional

Conclusion: Finding the best sealing solution for homemade jam

Finding the best sealing solution for homemade jam can be a challenge. Whichever method you decide to go with, it is important to carefully follow instructions and test the seal before committing to a large batch. Good luck!