How to Cook Frozen Hash Browns

Frozen hash browns are one of the easiest to-go meals you can quickly prepare for breakfast or as a side dish when you are running a tight schedule or in need of something you can fix quickly. This guide shows you how to cook frozen hash browns and provides tips on how to make them fast and easy.

Hash browns are simply shredded or diced potatoes that are fried until crispy. Because of their thin nature, cooking hash browns requires more attention to avoid burning them before getting crunchy. And with different cooking methods, each way calls for slightly different adjustments to ensure the best results.

Tips for Cooking Frozen Hash Browns

1. Cook each side undisturbed, then flip the hash browns over and continue cooking. You don’t want to overcook your hash browns, but you also don’t want them to be undercooked either.

2. Use nonstick pans whenever possible since these will help prevent sticking and allow even cooking. Be sure to choose pans with high sides since this prevents excessive grease from splattering.

3. Clarify your butter to keep your hash browns crispier throughout the cooking process. Simply stir up the melted butter and skim off milk to ensure the potatoes cook in butter and keep burning at bay.

4. A common kitchen mistake many novice cooks make is adding too much oil to the pan. Not only does this increase the amount of grease on the surface of the hash browns, but it also makes the final product greasy rather than crispy.

Cooking Frozen Shredded Hash Browns

While preparing frozen shredded potatoes may seem like an unnecessary extra step, it actually helps produce crisper hash browns. Here’s why: There is less moisture between the slices when potatoes are peeled and sliced.

However, when shredded instead of sliced, the shreds are closer together, increasing the surface area so they can absorb the additional moisture that would otherwise saturate the slice. As a result, shredded hash browns tend to cook faster and retain their shape better.

1.   Cooking shredded hash browns in the skillet

In this method, you simply need to heat your hash browns on a hot skillet. You can choose to add a little oil or cook without adding oil.

  • Heat the skillet on low to medium heat.
  • Add the hash browns into the skillet evenly across the bottom of it.
  • Let it sit for about 3 minutes, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Continue heating on low to medium heat while pressing them occasionally.
  • Cook until the ice melts off and the hash browns turn golden brown. Flip the hash browns and let them stay on the skillet for another 3-5 minutes.

2. Cooking shredded hash browns in an oven

If you wish to bake them instead, feel free to use this method. They will require 30 minutes of baking time, though.

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and lightly grease your baking sheet.
  • Prepare your shredded hash browns and gently put them on the baking sheet.
  • Put in the oven and Bake for 30 minutes.

Cooking Frozen Diced Hash Browns

If you have frozen diced hash browns, you can prepare them in the oven, on the stove, or in your microwave. All three methods work just fine.

Coking diced frozen hash browns in the oven

With this method, all you need to do is line your baking sheets in advance and throw in the hash browns you want to cook. The key here is to make sure they are spread out as thin as possible to avoid lying on each other.

  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and set it to convection mode.
  • Line a couple of baking sheets with parchment paper. Arrange the hash browns 2 inches apart and place the tray inside the oven.
  • Set timer to 10 minutes, turn the temperature down to 350 and continue cooking for 20 more minutes.
  • Check to see if they are done by poking them with a fork but don’t overcook because they’ll get really hard if they dry out too much.

Cooking Frozen diced hashed browns on a griddle

For those who enjoy making hash browns outside the home, you can cook them anywhere you have access to a very hot grill or griddle.

  • Spread the hash browns evenly over a hot, nonstick griddle.
  • Close the lid and let them cook for 5 minutes before removing the lid. Then flip them over and re-close the lid.
  • Keep flipping every 5 minutes until they are cooked through or are golden brown and heated thoroughly.

Cooking Frozen Diced Hash Browns in a skillet

Using large cast-iron skillet yields better results than a smaller one. Also, make sure to use a heavy-duty skillet that will withstand high heat well.

  • Spread your hash browns on the skillet with little or no oil and cook each side for five minutes or until it turns golden brown.
  • Be careful with this method because it would be difficult to flip them without damaging their surface once the potatoes start burning. Make sure to flip regularly and keep a close eye on things.

Cooking diced frozen hash browns in the microwave

Like most microwaved foods, this method takes less time than the others. If you’re looking for a way to cook some hash browns at once, this is probably the best option for you. 

  • Depending on how frozen your hash browns are, put them in a microwave-safe dish and microwave them for about 2-5 minutes on each side.
  • Flip them twice during the cooking time, and they will be ready to go.


Hash browns are a staple breakfast food and great as a beef and ham accompaniment. From homemade to store-bought, there’s never been a shortage of ways to prepare these amazing, crispy, fluffy potatoes. And if you are new to this recipe, I hope our guide helps you learn how to cook frozen hash browns.

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