What Seasoning to Put on Steak?

Getting good seasoning for steak is very important for achieving the best flavor. There are various methods you can use; salt by itself, or with pepper and/or garlic powder, soy sauce, Tabasco, Worcestershire, etc. All will work, but different combinations have their own unique impact on the taste of your steak. That said, knowing what seasoning to put on steak is a way to get the best results.

You also need to know the right time to season and the seasoning steps to follow for the best results. This article covers everything you need to know about seasoning a steak to get it ready to cook.

What Seasoning to Put on Steak:

What to Put on Steak before Seasoning

Steaks don’t require so much as a pre-cooking treatment before getting seasoned. As long as your steaks are cut properly, they should be ready for seasoning.

However, if you want something good for your steak before seasoning, you can apply olive oil and sprinkle a little pepper to both sides to keep it from drying out as easily at high temperatures and may help seal in moisture and create a juicier steak.

If you love to get fancier, there’s nothing wrong with using a rub first. Rubs are widely known for being great ways to prepare any steak quickly.

You can rub with products that contain spices like black pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, and coriander which are excellent at enhancing beef flavors.

When should you season steak?

If you’re using an open flame grill for cooking, wait until 5 minutes before finishing the steak because salting too early will cause the steak to dry out while cooking.

But even with this short of a gap between salting and cooking, you can as well wait until 15 minutes before cooking for optimum results.

The reason you shouldn’t salt steak too soon is that the heat from the fire will start dissolving some of the salt into the surface area of the meat. And depending on the type of steak, you’ll probably end up with a bland steak instead of a juicy one.

So always remember the longer you leave your steak out, the better it will turn out.

What seasonings to use on steak?

There are countless options to choose from when it comes to applying seasoning to steak, but we have the favorites below. These go great with different types of cuts.

1. Cinnamon- Cinnamon used on steak helps keep the meat moist by increasing blood flow to the surface area. This allows the meat to stay tender throughout the entire cooking process.

2. Rosemary- Rosemary contains volatile oils that impart a rich flavor to food. It blends well with other seasonings yet works best as an independent meat ingredient. One word of caution – rosemary has a strong odor, so make sure not to overdo it.

3. Chili powder- This fiery kick adds a nice flavor to any dish that uses chili powder, especially beef. The color of the powder also makes it easy to see if you’ve added enough spices to suit your taste.

4. Cumin- Cumin goes well with most dishes. When applied on the surface of the steak, it imparts a rich aroma that complements the natural flavor of beef. Just be careful not to add too much since excess cumin can become overly spicy.

5. Red pepper flakes- If you enjoy Asian flavors in your food, red pepper flakes are a must-have. They give a nice burst of flavor to many foods and pair very well with beef.

Tips on choosing what seasoning to put on steak

We understand how important it is to get the perfect steak. But sometimes, there are things we can do to ensure that our steaks turn out just right:

  • Always buy fresh steak to ensure deserving results.
  • After buying steak, place it in a bowl of cold water.
  • When possible, let cooked steak rest for a maximum of 15 minutes before cutting into portions.
  • Use only room temperature steak and avoid using heat-treated steak at restaurants.
  • Season each side separately.

Note: Cooking time varies depending on the cut of meat and the amount of pressure you apply during grilling.


To sum it all up, you can prepare delicious steak at home every day without spending an entire fortune. To have the best results, know what seasoning to use on steak and how to season them right.

So, while eating out is tempting, don’t forget about preparing steak your own way. You’ll be pleased with the results.

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